Hansgrohe Croma Select E Column Shower Reno 180 2 Jet EcoSmart

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  • Water Efficiency: 3 Star 

  • Water Consumption: Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 9 litres/min

  • Consists of: hand shower, shower bar, shower hose, slider

  • Size overhead shower: 180 mm

  • Spray type overhead shower: Rain, IntenseRain

  • Ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable

  • Available in Chrome/White


Features & Benefits

Complete Shower System for Ultimate Convenience

The Croma Select E Column Shower Reno 180 comes with everything you need for a remarkable shower experience. This comprehensive set includes a hand shower, shower bar, shower hose, and slider, providing you with convenience and functionality. With this all-inclusive shower system, you can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury.

Experience Full Coverage

Enjoy the luxury of a larger overhead shower with a size of 180 mm. This generous size ensures a full and enveloping stream of water, providing a truly immersive shower experience. Step under the rainfall-like cascade and let the water wash away your worries, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Two Jets and Two Spray Types

Choose from two jets and two spray types to create your desired showering experience. Whether you prefer the gentle and soothing sensation of Rain or the invigorating intensity of IntenseRain, the Croma Select E Column Shower Reno 180 offers versatile options to cater to your preferences. Customise your shower to suit your mood, transforming each shower into a moment of personalised indulgence.

Adjustable Overhead Shower Angle

With the ball-joint feature, you have the flexibility to adjust the angle of the overhead shower. Find the perfect position that suits your preference and enjoy a showering experience tailored to your needs. Achieve the optimal shower angle for maximum comfort, ensuring an exquisite showering experience every time.

With its complete system, two jets with two spray types, and adjustable overhead shower angle, this shower system exemplifies the perfect fusion of elegance, versatility, and performance. Upgrade your shower now.


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