Robinhood Ironing Centre

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  • Carton Dimension: 1340w x 445d x 240hmm

  • Can be recess or surface mounted (surface mounting kit (ICSMK) is required to create a flush finish)

  • 45° & 90° swivel board

  • 3 tier ironing board levels

  • Integrated cotton-coated rayon ironing board

  • Automatic off timer

  • Built-in 40-watt light

  • Magnetic door catch hinged to the left or right side of the cabinet

  • Utility shelf for laundry product storage

  • Powder coated galvanise


Features & Benefits

Designed to cater to your ironing needs like never before, this cutting-edge appliance is the answer to effortless ironing. No more clutter, no more hassle – the Robinhood Ironing Centre is here to make your ironing tasks smoother than ever.

Easy Installation, Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you're remodelling your space or simply need to upgrade your ironing setup, the Robinhood Ironing Centre fits seamlessly into both new and existing situations. Its flexible installation makes it a perfect addition to any home, ensuring a neat and tidy ironing space.

Choose Your Perfect Ironing Position

The Robinhood Ironing Centre allows you to iron in a variety of positions and heights. Say goodbye to uncomfortable ironing postures and hello to a truly adaptable ironing experience.

Built-in 40-Watt Light with Automatic Off Timer

No more squinting and straining your eyes during your ironing sessions! The Robinhood Ironing Centre features a built-in 40-watt light, illuminating your ironing surface to ensure impeccable results. And worry not about energy wastage – the power outlet and light automatically turn off within a specified period, promoting energy efficiency and safety.

Upgrade Your Ironing Game Today!

Don't let wrinkled clothes dampen your style and confidence. Experience the convenience, versatility, and efficiency of the Robinhood Ironing Centre and take your ironing game to new heights. Embrace wrinkle-free elegance – buy your Robinhood Ironing Centre now!

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