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  • Water Efficiency: WELS 3 Star

  • Water Consumption: 8 litres/min

  • Suitable for Multi or Mains Pressure

  • Aqua air technology

  • Available in Chrome and Black


Features & Benefits

Revolutionary Water Innovation: Air-Injected Delight

Step into a new era of showering with the Elementi Splash Slide Shower. Experience the perfect fusion of air and water, delivering an unparalleled showering experience that's not only invigorating but also conserves up to 50% less water. Immerse yourself in a delicate yet rejuvenating flow that pampers your senses with every drop.

The Art of Balance: Softness and Performance

Indulge in the perfect water flow. The air and water blend in harmony, creating a remarkable flow performance that's both gentle and revitalising. Discover a shower experience that's not just about cleansing – it's about embracing a moment of luxury and self-care each time you step under the spray.

Renovation Made Effortless: Adjustable Fixings for Seamless Replacement

Embarking on a renovation journey? This shower is designed with your convenience in mind. The slide rail features adjustable fixings, allowing you to effortlessly replace your existing slide shower without the hassle of altering your bathroom's layout. Embrace the elegance of change without the complexities.

Elevate Your Shower Aesthetics and Efficiency

Upgrade your shower space with the Elementi Splash Slide Shower, where innovation meets elegance. Immerse yourself in a water-air symphony that redefines your daily ritual. Experience the ease of renovation and the joy of conservation without compromising on performance. Redefine your shower experience today.


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