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Discover Elementi, a collection that seamlessly blends imported contemporary products with locally crafted furniture, resulting in exquisite designs that are both visually stunning and built to withstand the test of time. Elementi strives to enhance design innovation, elevate product quality, and drive profitability for all involved.

The Elementi brand encompasses a comprehensive selection of bathroom and kitchen essentials. From elegant basins to luxurious baths, tapware, showers, shower enclosures, accessories, and kitchenware, Elementi covers every aspect of your home.

Indulge in designs that epitomise sophistication and longevity. Each product is thoughtfully created to combine aesthetic appeal with durability, ensuring that they become enduring features in your living spaces.

Elementi’s Toilet Suites, Showers and Mixers 

Transform your bathroom with Elementi’s premium selection of toilet suites, showers, tapware and more. Experience the epitome of modern design and superior performance as you elevate your daily routines to new heights.

Elementi toilet suites combine sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, providing optimal comfort and efficiency. With innovative features and water-saving capabilities, our suites offer a seamless blend of style and sustainability.

Enhance your kitchen with our range of mixers, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Discover precise control and effortless operation as you enjoy a seamless flow of water, elevating the overall look and functionality of your kitchen.

Elevate your home with Elementi and experience the perfect blend of contemporary flair and exceptional New Zealand craftsmanship. Discover unparalleled beauty, quality, and functionality that will enrich your everyday life. 

Browse our collection of Elementi products online or come on down to your nearest Chesters showroom and talk to our expert team about your needs.


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