Plumbline Lavage Vessel Basin Oval

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Features & Benefits

Discover the Beauty of Solid Surface Durability

The Lavage Vessel Basin is crafted using a revolutionary composite material, meticulously engineered from natural minerals and resin. The result is a solid, stable, and seamless surface that boasts unparalleled durability. Despite its incredible sturdiness, it remains surprisingly lightweight, providing you with a basin that combines the best of both worlds - the resilience of conventional stone and the convenience of a lightweight design.

Hygienic and Effortless to Clean

Maintaining a pristine bathroom environment is now hassle-free with this basin. Its 100% waterproof and germ-resistant properties ensure that no bacteria or mould can take root. Stubborn stains are easily removable thanks to its renewable and repairable attributes. 

Designed for the Lavage Duo Vanity Collection

These basins are thoughtfully designed to complement the Lavage Duo vanity collection. The basin's sleek lines and modern aesthetic blend seamlessly with the collection's overall design, creating a harmonious and sophisticated space.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Lavage Vessel Basin

Incorporate the perfect balance of durability, functionality, and beauty into your bathroom. The Lavage Vessel Basin promises to be a reliable and stylish addition to your home, elevating your daily routines and impressing your guests.


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