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Since 1886, Methven has been dedicated to harnessing the transformative properties of water. Through intelligent design and precision engineering, Methven shapes water to create experiences that soothe, stimulate, comfort, awaken, relax, and revitalise.

Methven's passion for water dates back to George Methven's production of brass and iron hardware in Dunedin in 1886. Since then, they have been captivated by water's elemental power to change our moods, uplift our spirits, and bring refreshment and renewal.

This passion has driven generations of Methven engineers and designers in their quest to create the ultimate water experience. Today, they offer a range of exceptional water experiences, all sharing one vision: to create a sensory treat.

Experience Methven and truly experience water.

Why We Recommend Methven

We carefully select premium brands like Methven due to their unwavering commitment to superior quality. When considering our partnerships, we prioritise brands that consistently deliver exceptional craftsmanship, durability, and quality products. Methven, with their extensive expertise and innovative approach, aligns perfectly with our standards. Their meticulous design process, combined with the use of carefully chosen materials, ensures that their products not only meet but exceed expectations. By selecting brands like Methven, we can confidently offer our customers access to top-tier products that deliver an unparalleled experience.

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