For over 50 years, Gala has been at the forefront of providing exceptional bathroom solutions with a unique and personal touch. Gala has established itself as a leading company in the industry, built on the foundations of quality, design, and productivity. Through innovation and sustainable investments, Gala has experienced continuous growth, quadrupling its initial production.

Their primary goal is to offer products of superior quality and design, ensuring they meet the needs of consumers. Gala adheres to the core values of specialisation, uniqueness, customer focus, quality and environmental responsibility. These principles drive Gala as a dynamic company, constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing markets while maintaining their dedication to delivering exceptional bathroom solutions.

Discover Gala

Browse our collection of Gala basins with designs that reflect the latest lifestyles, ensuring your bathroom exudes contemporary elegance. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your bathroom with Chesters’ range of Gala products. Explore online or in-store today and unlock a world of style, functionality, and lasting beauty.

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