Insinkerator Septic2000 Waste Disposal

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  • Dura-Drive® Motor

  • Built-In Air Switch

  • Multigrind Plus® 3 Stage Grinding

  • Soundseal Plus® Noise Reduction

  • Largest Stainless Steel 1180ml Grind Chamber

  • Quicklock® Sink Mount

  • Warranty: 10 years


Features & Benefits

Say goodbye to clogged drains and unpleasant odours with the Insinkerator Septic2000. Engineered with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this powerful waste disposal unit is designed to make your kitchen cleanup a breeze. 

Unleash the Power of Reliability

With the Insinkerator Septic2000, durability is at the forefront. The state-of-the-art Dura-Drive® motor ensures long-lasting performance, capable of tackling even the toughest food waste. Rest assured knowing your disposal unit is built to withstand the test of time.

Built-In Air Switch: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Enjoy effortless control with the Insinkerator Septic2000's built-in air switch. Say goodbye to cumbersome wall switches and enjoy the convenience of a sleek and accessible button, allowing you to activate the unit with a simple touch easily. It's convenience and efficiency combined!

3 Stage Grinding: Shred, Grind, and Eliminate

Experience unparalleled grinding power with the Insinkerator Septic2000's Multigrind Plus® technology. This innovative system features a 3-stage grinding process, ensuring even the most challenging food waste is thoroughly shredded, ground, and eliminated, reducing the risk of clogs and blockages.

Noise Reduction

The Insinkerator Septic2000 is equipped with Soundseal Plus® technology, providing superior noise reduction for a quieter operation. Enjoy the benefits of a powerful waste disposal unit without unwanted noise.

1180ml Grind Chamber

When it comes to waste disposal capacity, size matters. The Insinkerator Septic2000 boasts the largest stainless steel 1180ml grind chamber, providing ample space to handle large quantities of food waste effortlessly. 

Upgrade your kitchen and elevate your waste disposal experience with the Insinkerator Septic2000. With its powerful motor, built-in air switch, 3-stage grinding, noise reduction, and 1180ml grind chamber, this unit is the epitome of convenience, reliability, and efficiency.


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