Hansgrohe Raindance S Overhead Shower 180 with Ceiling Arm

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  • Water Efficiency: WELS ZERO STAR RATED, NOT WATER EFFICIENT when tested in accordance with AS/NZS 6400:2016

  • Water Consumption: Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 18 litres/min

  • Shower head size: 180 mm

  • Ceiling connection length: 100 mm

  • Overhead shower angle adjustable

  • Suitable for continous flow water heaters

  • Available in Chrome


Features & Benefits

Embrace the Power of RainAir Spray for a Serene Shower

Indulge in the ultimate showering experience with the Hansgrohe Raindance S Overhead Shower 180. Featuring an impressive 180mm XXL performance showerhead size, this showerhead envelops you in a cascade of water, providing generous coverage and maximising your showering pleasure.

Customise Your Shower Angle with Adjustable Ball-Joint

Enjoy the freedom to personalise your shower experience with the Raindance Shower. The adjustable ball-joint allows you to tilt and position the showerhead to your preferred angle effortlessly. 

Experience the Delight of RainAir Spray with AirPower Technology

Immerse yourself in the luxurious RainAir spray of the Hansgrohe Overhead Shower. Powered by innovative AirPower technology, this spray type infuses the water with air, creating soft, voluminous droplets that caress your skin with a soothing touch. Step into a world of tranquillity and relaxation as you indulge in the gentle embrace of RainAir, transforming your shower into a rejuvenating spa-like experience.

Effortless Maintenance with QuickClean

Say goodbye to the hassle of limescale build-up with the Raindance S Overhead Shower. Thanks to QuickClean technology, maintaining a clean showerhead is a breeze. Simply rub the silicone nozzles to remove any limescale residue, ensuring optimal water flow and an enjoyable shower experience every time.

Elevate your daily shower routine to extraordinary heights with this shower. Experience the luxurious XXL performance, adjustable ball-joint for personalised shower angles, and the blissful RainAir spray with AirPower technology. Enjoy the convenience of QuickClean for effortless maintenance. Upgrade your showering experience and create a haven of relaxation and indulgence in your bathroom with the Hansgrohe Raindance S Overhead Shower 180.


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