Methven Koha Basin Mixer Swivel

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  • Suitable for all Water Pressures above 35kPa/0.35 bar

  • Mains Pressure - Water Efficiency: WELS 4 Star

  • Mains Pressure - Water Consumption: 7 litres/min

  • Low Pressure - Water Efficiency: WELS 5 Star

  • Low Pressure - Water Consumption: 5 litres/min

  • 20-year warranty

  • Available in Chrome


Features & Benefits

Superior Quality

The Methven Koha Basin Mixer features a brass body that is dezincification-resistant, ensuring longevity and water quality. Say goodbye to corrosion and enjoy taps that stand the test of time while delivering pristine water.

Effortless Water Flow Control

With swivel spouts, you can enjoy smooth, effortless control of your water flow. Experience 360 degrees of control, allowing you to easily adjust and direct the water exactly where you want it.

Minimise Splashback, Maximise Comfort

The Koha Basin Tap comes with a directional aerator equipped with a built-in swivel. This ingenious feature allows you to manually adjust the flow of water, minimising splashback and providing a comfortable experience, particularly for taps positioned directly over the sinkhole.

Designed for Low or Mains Pressure

The Koha Basin Mixer is designed to accommodate all water pressures above 35kPa/0.35 bar. Whether you have high or low water pressure, rest assured that our taps will perform flawlessly and provide a consistent and enjoyable water flow.


Upgrade your basin mixers today and enjoy a seamless and enjoyable water experience every time!


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