Hansgrohe Croma Column Shower Reno 220 1 Jet

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  • Overhead Shower Water Efficiency: WELS 1 Star

  • Overhead Shower Water Consumption: RainAir spray at 3 bar: 14 litres/min

  • Hand Shower Water Efficiency: WELS 1 Star

  • Hand Shower Water Consumption: Flow rate at 3 bar: 14.5 litres/min

  • Overhead showerhead size: 180mm

  • Spray type overhead shower: RainAir

  • Spray type hand shower: rain, massage spray, shampoo spray, normal spray

  • Ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable

  • Height-adjustable hand shower holder

  • Shower arm length: 400 mm

  • Swivelling shower arm

  • Available in Chrome


Features & Benefits

Wide Coverage for Maximum Comfort

Experience the luxury of a generous overhead shower head size of 180 mm with the Hansgrohe Croma Column Shower Reno 220. Enjoy a wide coverage and enveloping rainfall effect that embraces your body in a soothing cascade. Step into the shower and let the gentle RainAir spray rejuvenate your senses for a truly revitalising experience.

Indulge in Pure Relaxation

Immerse yourself in pure relaxation with the RainAir spray type of the Croma Overhead Shower. This unique spray technology infuses the water with air, creating voluminous droplets that caress your skin and envelop you in blissful rainfall. Let the stress melt away as you indulge in the tranquil ambience of your own personal spa.

Four Jet HandShower for a Customised Showering Experience

Tailor your shower experience to your liking with the Croma Shower's hand shower. Choose from a variety of spray types, including Rain, Massage Spray, Shampoo Spray, and Normal Spray. Whether you desire gentle rainfall, a revitalising massage, a thorough hair rinse, or an everyday refreshing spray, this shower system has got you covered.

Height-Adjustable Hand Shower Holder

Enjoy a customisable shower setup with the height-adjustable hand shower holder of the Croma Column Shower. Find the perfect height for your hand shower, accommodating users of different heights and providing convenience and flexibility during your shower routine.

Experience the ultimate in shower luxury with the Hansgrohe Croma Column Shower Reno 220. With its wide overhead shower head size, RainAir spray type, versatile hand shower with multiple spray options, adjustable ball-joint, and height-adjustable hand shower holder, this column shower system offers a truly customisable and indulgent showering experience. 


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