Athena Amara Alcove Shower Moulded Wall Rear Waste White, 900x900mm

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  • 900 x 900mm x 1985mmH

  • Rear waste

  • White frame

  • 1920mm high semi-frameless pivot door

  • Polished stainless steel handle

  • Door is reversible for either left or right-hand hinging

  • Low profile 65mm tray for an easy step into the shower

  • 25mm upstand for leak prevention

  • Optional moulded soap recess for convenient storage

  • Made in New Zealand


Features & Benefits

Low Profile Tray

The low profile 65mm tray provides a sleek and modern look while also offering practical benefits. Its shallow depth makes it easy to step into and out of the shower, enhancing accessibility for users of all ages and abilities.

Leak-Proof Design

The 25mm upstand serves as a barrier against water leakage, preventing any potential water damage to your bathroom floor. This ensures peace of mind, knowing that your bathroom remains dry and free from any water-related issues.

Crafted in New Zealand

Being crafted in New Zealand ensures that the Athena Amara Alcove Shower meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. It reflects a commitment to excellence and durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable addition to your bathroom.

Transform your showering experience with the Athena Amara Alcove Shower. Elevate your bathroom with its spacious dimensions, sleek design, and premium features. Upgrade to elegance, functionality, and durability - all in one stunning shower enclosure. Don't miss out - bring luxury into your daily routine. Discover the Athena Amara Alcove Shower now!


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