Englefield Topaz II Square Shower Side Recessed Wall Centre Waste Metallic, 900x900mm

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  • Centre waste

  • Side recessed wall

  • CleanLess protection

  • Low-profile quick-fit tray

  • 70mm sill height for ease of entry

  • Tapware and accessories not included

  • 40mm upstand


Features & Benefits

Side Recessed Wall: Maximising Space, Minimising Clutter

Unlock the potential of your bathroom with the Side Recessed Wall feature of the Topaz II Square Shower. This ingenious design seamlessly integrates into the framing cavity of your bathroom wall, creating additional storage space without compromising the shower's interior. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidier, more organised bathroom.

CleanLess Protection: A Shower That Stays Pristine

The interior glass of this shower is treated with CleanLess protection. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your shower remains free from stains and grime, allowing you to enjoy a consistently immaculate bathing experience.

40mm Upstand: Quality That Rises Above the Rest

This feature not only adds to the shower's aesthetic appeal but also provides a barrier that prevents water from seeping out, keeping your bathroom dry and safe.

The Englefield Topaz II Square Shower isn't just a shower; it's a testament to thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. Experience the perfect blend of form and function as you step into a shower that's built to make your daily routine more efficient and enjoyable.


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