Heirloom Genesis Heated Towel Ladder ESP 11 Bar, 1220x600mm

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  • H 1220mm, W 600mm, D 122mm

  • 11 rungs

  • Energy saving

  • Minimalist style

  • High quality polished finish

  • Dual wiring

  • Quality stainless steel

  • Robust brass mounting brackets

  • IP45 rated


Features & Benefits

Revolutionary Heated Towel Innovation

Experience a new era of efficiency and warmth with the Heirloom ESP™ Heated Towel Ladder. This revolutionary creation introduces a special electronic controller that optimises electricity usage, effectively cutting consumption in half. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy expenses while enjoying the luxury of warm towels whenever you desire.

Unparalleled Warmth with 11 Rungs

Indulge in the comfort of 11 meticulously designed rungs, embracing you with the soothing warmth of heated towels. This towel ladder not only elevates your bathroom experience but also contributes to a greener lifestyle by minimising energy consumption.

Efficiency Meets Convenience with Touch Pad Control

Unlike a simple timer, this towel warmer offers a touch pad control that empowers you to call upon a full power cycle whenever you need it. This blend of efficiency and convenience ensures your towels are warm exactly when you want them, without wastage or compromise.

Embrace the Future of Heated Towel Luxury

Witness the evolution of heated towel technology with the Heirloom Genesis Heated Towel Ladder. Elevate your comfort, reduce your energy footprint, and relish the perfect balance between efficiency and indulgence.


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