Heirloom Heated Towel Rail Timer Timekeeper Plus

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  • The Timekeeper Plus must not be installed with Heirloom ESP towel warmers, but can be installed with 12 Volt warmers

  •  Installation must be carried out by a registered electrician


Features & Benefits

Integrated Control for Heirloom Towel Warmers

Experience cutting-edge control and comfort with the Heirloom Heated Towel Rail Timer Timekeeper Plus. This innovative solution is tailored for seamless integration with Heirloom towel rails, providing you with an all-in-one timer and on/off switch for unrivalled convenience.

Retroactive Enhancement with Integrated Design

The Timekeeper Plus is ingeniously designed as an integrated touchpad operated timer and switch, fitted onto the standard electrical flushbox (behind the power switch). This integrated design allows for effortless retroactive installation, adding control and functionality to your towel warmer.

Five Operational Modes for Customised Comfort

The Timekeeper Plus boasts five distinct operational modes, each catering to your unique comfort needs. The touch-sensitive control button makes mode selection effortless, and the LED lights emit a gentle glow, helping you find and monitor the Timekeeper Plus even in the dark.

The operational modes are:

  • 3 hour countdown - the towel warmer runs for 3 hours and then stays off

  • 5 hours once daily cycle - the towel warmer runs for 5 hours on, 19 hours off daily

  • 4 hours twice daily cycle - the towel warmer runs for 4 hours on 8 hours off twice daily

  • 6 hours twice daily cycle - the towel warmer runs 6 hours on, 6 hours off twice daily

  • 24 hours continuous - the towel warmer runs continuously

  • The timer also offers a "boost" option which adds a once only extra 4 hours to the chosen cycle.

Discover the art of precise control with the Heirloom Heated Towel Rail Timer Timekeeper Plus.


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