Insinkerator Evolution Waste Disposal with Air Switch Evo100

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  • SoundSeal Plus® Technology 

  • MultiGrind Plus® 2 Stage Stainless Grinding System with Auto Reverse Action

  • Large Capacity (1005ml) Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber

  • QuickLock® Sink Mount for easy installation

  • Built-in Air Switch (33mm hole for button)

  • Stainless Steel Strainer Basket

  • 0.75HP High-torque Dura Drive® Heavy Duty Induction Motor

  • Warranty: 5 years


Features & Benefits

Quiet Operation with SoundSeal Plus® Technology

The Insinkerator Evolution Waste Disposal Evo100 features SoundSeal Plus® Technology, delivering a quiet performance that is 40% quieter than standard models. Enjoy a peaceful kitchen while efficiently disposing of food waste.

Advanced Grinding Power with MultiGrind Plus® 2 Stage Stainless Grinding System

Experience unparalleled waste disposal efficiency with the Insinkerator Evo100's advanced grinding system. This cutting-edge technology effortlessly reduces food waste to fine particles, allowing for easy and convenient disposal.

Generous Capacity with Large Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber

Tired of constantly emptying your waste disposal unit? The Insinkerator Evo100 comes with a large 1005ml stainless steel grinding chamber, allowing you to dispose of a substantial amount of food waste at once. Experience the convenience of a spacious chamber that reduces the need for frequent emptying.

Powerful and Durable 0.75HP High-Torque Dura Drive® Motor

The Insinkerator Evo100 is equipped with a robust 0.75HP high-torque Dura Drive® motor, delivering exceptional power and durability. This heavy-duty induction motor effortlessly handles tough food waste, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a powerful and reliable waste disposal unit.

Built-in Air Switch for Easy Operation

Enjoy effortless control over your waste disposal unit with the built-in air switch of the Insinkerator Evo100. The air switch provides a convenient and hygienic way to operate the unit. Experience ease and simplicity in waste management.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Insinkerator Evolution Waste Disposal Evo100 and elevate your waste management experience. Enjoy quiet operation with SoundSeal Plus® Technology, advanced grinding power with the MultiGrind Plus® system, and the convenience of a large stainless steel grinding chamber. Upgrade your kitchen and transform the way you handle food waste today!


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