Hansgrohe Pulsify S Column Shower 260 1 Jet with ShowerTablet Select 400

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  • Water Efficiency: WELS 2 Star

  • Water Consumption: Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 10.9 l/min

  • Consists of: overhead shower, hand shower, shower thermostat, shower bar, slider, and shower hose

  • Overhead shower size: 260 mm

  • Spray-type overhead shower: PowderRain

  • Spray type hand shower: PowderRain, IntenseRain, Massage spray

  • Fast Drain empties the overhead shower from an angle of 10°

  • Swivel shower arm

  • CoolContact thermostat: Prevents the housing from heating up, making showering even safer

  • Convenient diversion via Select button

  • Suitable for continuous flow water heaters


Features & Benefits

Discover the perfect blend of innovation and relaxation with the Hansgrohe Pulsify S Column Shower. Designed to elevate your daily shower experience, this exceptional shower system offers a range of features to delight your senses.

Water Flow Control

Say goodbye to water wastage! The Hansgrohe Pulsify S puts you in control with a precision dial on the water-saving thermostat. Adjust the water flow to your liking, conserving water every day. It's also perfect for kids who prefer a gentle flow.

Overhead Shower and Versatile Hand Shower

Immerse yourself in luxury with the 260 mm overhead shower. Indulge in the soothing embrace of the PowderRain spray, designed to pamper you with a gentle and relaxing shower experience. The hand shower offers a choice of sprays - PowderRain, IntenseRain, and Massage spray. Tailor your shower experience to your mood and needs.

Fast Drain Technology

The Pulsify S features Fast Drain, which efficiently empties the overhead shower at a 10° angle. This smart solution ensures that you and your shower space stay dry once you're done.

CoolContact Thermostat

The thermostatic mixer incorporates innovative cooling technology, keeping the fixture cool to the touch. 

Convenient Select Button

Easily switch between spray types or transition from the overhead shower to the hand shower with this user-friendly feature.

Elevate your daily shower to a spa-like experience with the Hansgrohe Pulsify S Column Shower. It's time to enjoy water-saving technology, luxurious spray options, and a shower that's as safe as it is indulgent. 


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