Parex EcoSpring Mains Pressure Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder

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  • Available in 280 litres and 190 litres

  • Suitable for Mains Pressure

  • Reduced water heating costs

  • Renewable energy

  • Advanced controls

  • Timely heating

  • Quiet operation


Features & Benefits

Tailored for Every Household

Choose the perfect fit for your household's needs. The HP300 is designed for 3+ person households with standard water usage, while the ES190 is crafted for smaller households of 1-2 people with standard water use.

Advanced Controls for Ultimate Efficiency

Revolutionise the way you heat water with the cutting-edge advanced controls. With three distinct operating modes, you'll have the power to choose the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort.

Economy Mode: Unleash Maximum Savings

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with the Economy Mode. By harnessing the heat pump's capabilities, this mode ensures water heating while delivering unparalleled savings, helping you optimise your energy consumption.

Hybrid Mode: Adaptability Redefined

Adaptability meets innovation in the Hybrid Mode. Leverage the heat pump's primary heating prowess, and should the ambient air temperature dip, watch as the standard electric elements seamlessly engage, providing you with constant warmth and comfort.

E-Heat Mode: Defying Cold Snaps

Conquer even the coldest climates with the E-Heat Mode. In this setting, the heat pump takes a back seat, allowing the electric elements to take centre stage, ensuring hot water even when temperatures plummet below -7°C.

Reduce Your Power Bill

Elevate your savings as water heating costs plummet by up to an astounding 70%. Embrace efficiency and keep more money where it belongs - in your pocket.

Harness Renewable Energy

Embrace eco-friendly living as the Parex EcoSpring taps into the earth's natural thermal energy to warm your water. A sustainable choice that's as kind to your wallet as it is to the environment.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings with the Parex EcoSpring's remarkably low noise output. Its discreet presence ensures you'll hardly even notice it, especially when installed outdoors.

Invest in the future of water heating. Elevate efficiency, reduce costs, and embrace sustainability with the Parex EcoSpring Water Heater. Tailored to fit your household, designed for your comfort, and driven by advanced technology, it's time to make the switch and experience water heating reimagined.


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