Hansgrohe Select E Slide Shower Complete 120 3 Jet Brushed Bronze, 900mm Rail

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  • Water Efficiency: WELS 1 Star

  • Water Consumption: Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 14.4 litres/min

  • Minimum flow pressure: 1 bar

  • Shower head size: 120 mm

  • 3 Jets

  • Spray type: RainAir, Rain, Whirl

  • With internal water conduction

  • Connection dimension: DN15

  • Suitable for continous flow water heaters

  • Available in Brushed Bronze


Features & Benefits

This exceptional shower system combines innovative features, easy maintenance, and a variety of spray options to transform your shower into a spa-like experience.

Convenient Spray Selection at Your Fingertips

With the Hansgrohe Select E Slide Shower, enjoy the convenience of selecting your desired spray at the touch of a button. The Select button allows you to effortlessly switch between different spray types, giving you complete control over your shower experience. Say goodbye to complicated adjustments and hello to a truly customisable and enjoyable shower.

Effortless Maintenance for a Fresh and Clean Shower Experience

The Select E Slide Shower is equipped with an easy-to-clean plastic spray disc. This specially designed surface allows for quick and effortless cleaning, ensuring that your shower remains hygienic and free from mineral deposits. Spend less time on maintenance and more time indulging in a refreshing shower experience.

Personalise Your Shower with RainAir, Rain, and Whirl Jets

Experience a variety of shower sensations with the Select E Slide Shower. This shower system offers three jets and spray types: RainAir, Rain, and Whirl. Whether you prefer a gentle and relaxing rain-like experience or a more invigorating massage-like jet, this shower system caters to your individual preferences, providing a truly personalised shower experience.

Upgrade to the Hansgrohe Select E Slide Shower and Indulge in Ultimate Convenience and Versatility

Don't settle for an ordinary shower experience any longer. Elevate your daily routine to new heights of convenience and luxury with the Hansgrohe Select E Slide Shower. With its convenient spray selection, easy-to-clean plastic spray disc, and versatile three jets and spray types, this shower system brings you a perfect blend of functionality and customisation. Upgrade your shower experience today!


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