Bromic Compact Storage Water Heater with Mixer Over Sink

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  • Includes vented mixer

  • 240 volts  

  • D 163, W 285, H 427mm

  • Weight 4.5kg

  • Temperature range: 23-70 °C

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • Energy efficient

  • Quick heating time

  • With immersion heater of 2000W

  • Heats 5L in 5.5min at 30°C temperature rise


Features & Benefits

Quick and Easy Access to Hot Water

The Bromic Compact Storage Water Heater is engineered with a stainless steel tank, ensuring rapid access to hot water whenever you need it. This heater heats up in just 5.5 minutes or less, getting you back to your tasks without delay.

Perfect for Any Room

Whether you're outfitting your laundry, bathroom, or kitchen, this water heater is the ideal choice. Its compact size makes it easy to install over a sink, saving valuable space and ensuring that you have hot water right where you need it.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best

This water heater is designed to consume less energy while delivering consistent performance. You'll not only enjoy the comfort of hot water on demand but also reduce your energy bills.

Corrosion Resistance

The stainless-steel inner tank of this heater is not only durable but also corrosion-resistant, ensuring years of reliable service. 

Versatile Options

Choose this model for mounting over the sink, or opt for the under-sink water heater if that better suits your needs. 

Ready to experience the convenience of hot water on demand? Don't wait! Get your Bromic Compact Storage Water Heater today and enjoy the luxury of instant hot water at your fingertips.


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