Escea DX1000 Gas Fireplace with White Crystalight, Linear Trim, Flue

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  • Max energy input: 33 MJ/hr

  • Approximate size (mm): 1328w x 744h x 382d

  • White crystalight fuelbed

  • Heat ducting

  • Smart Heat

  • Powerflue

  • Zero clearance

  • Warranty: 2 years


Features & Benefits

Illuminating Beauty in Your Living Space

Crafted to captivate, the Escea DX1000 Gas Fireplace emanates a soft, mesmerising glow that adds a touch of elegance to any room. Watch as the dancing flames reflect off the pristine white interior, creating a stunning centrepiece that elevates the ambience of your home.

Stay Warm, Everywhere with Heat Ducting

This innovative system channels warm air from the fireplace to other areas of your home, ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout. Embrace cosiness in every room as you bask in the gentle warmth of this cutting-edge gas fireplace.

Seamlessly Integrated, Intuitively Managed

Welcome to the future of fireplace technology with Escea's Smart Heat feature. Connect and control your fireplace effortlessly through your smartphone or smart home system. Set the perfect temperature, adjust flame settings, and schedule heating preferences with ease, all from the convenience of your handheld device. Smart Heat puts you in control, empowering you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at the touch of a button.

Elevate Your Comfort and Style 

Experience the pinnacle of elegance, comfort, and convenience with the Escea Gas Fireplace. From the captivating white crystalight to the cutting-edge Smart Heat technology, every feature is designed to enhance your home and elevate your living experience. Embrace the warmth, the beauty, and the innovation that only the DX1000 can bring.

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