Escea DF700 Gas Fireplace with Logs, Black Slim Fascia, Flue

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  • Max energy input: 23 MJ/hr

  • Approximate size (mm): 690w x 598h x 400d

  • Log fuelbed

  • Smart Heat

  • Powered direct vent

  • Zero clearance

  • Suitable for retrofitting

  • Slim black fascia

  • Warranty: 2 years


Features & Benefits

Suitable for Retrofitting

This fireplace is perfect for retrofitting, making it suitable for various homes and spaces. Experience the joy of transforming your existing fireplace into a contemporary masterpiece without the hassle of major modifications. Elevate your living area with timeless charm and modern comfort, creating an enduring source of pleasure for years to come.

Log Fuelbed

This fire features a log fuelbed that exudes the allure of traditional hearths. Handcrafted to replicate the natural beauty of wood logs, these lifelike elements infuse your living space with an authentic charm. Watch in awe as the flames dance and flicker, creating a warm and inviting ambience reminiscent of classic fireplaces, reimagined with cutting-edge gas fireplace technology.

Smart Heat - Effortless Control, Optimal Warmth

Take control of your comfort with the Smart Heat feature. Seamlessly integrate it into your smart home system, and from your smartphone or device, adjust heat settings, flame intensity, and schedule heating preferences to match your lifestyle. 

Sleek and Striking Slim Black Fascia

This fireplace features a slim black fascia that defines contemporary elegance. The sleek design and clean edges add a touch of striking sophistication to any interior, making it a statement piece that enhances your living space's aesthetic.


Transform your home with this fireplace, where timeless charm meets modern innovation. Redefine your living area with the Escea DF700, where sophistication meets comfort in perfect harmony.


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