Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace Single Sided with Logset, Linnear Fascia, Flue

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  • Max energy input: 40 MJ/hr

  • Approximate size (mm): 1693w x 788h x 350d

  • Frameless design

  • Smart Heat

  • Powered direct vent heat

  • Single sided 

  • Zero clearance

  • Reflective side panels

  • Woodland logset fuelbed

  • Warranty: 2 years


Features & Benefits

Truly Frameless Design

Experience the future of fireplace aesthetics with the Escea DS1400 Fireplace, boasting a truly frameless design. This innovative feature creates an unobstructed view of the dancing flames, delivering a captivating focal point that elevates the ambience of any room.

Effortless Control

Take charge of your fireplace experience with Escea's Smart Heat Technology. Effortlessly link your fireplace to your phone via the Escea app, relishing the convenience of remote adjustments.

Powerful and Efficient

Bask in the warmth of this fireplace, powered by the advanced direct vent heat system. This technology ensures efficient heating, maximising heat output while minimising energy waste, providing cosy comfort during colder months.

Versatile Installation

Optimise your space with the zero clearance feature. Designed for easy installation, this fireplace can be placed in close proximity to many materials without compromising on safety, providing flexibility and convenience for various room layouts.

Elevate Your Space With The DS1400 Gas Fireplace

Elevate your home with this exceptional addition - explore the Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace today!


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