Heirloom Studio 1 Heated Towel Ladder ESP 9 Bar, 1025x600mm

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  • 1025mmx600mm

  • 9 rungs

  • Elegant linear style

  • High quality polished finish

  • Quality stainless steel

  • Designed in NZ

  • Dual wired


Features & Benefits

Elegant Linear Style

This towel ladder showcases an elegant linear style that effortlessly complements linear-styled accessories. Its straight lines accentuate flat surface areas, seamlessly blending with your bathroom decor.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

This towel ladder features a level of craftsmanship that defines sophistication. With 9 rungs exuding quality and style, this heated towel ladder becomes a centrepiece in your bathroom, radiating luxury.

Efficiency Redefined: Heirloom ESP ™ Technology

The Heirloom ESP ™ towel warmers introduce an innovative electronic controller that significantly reduces electricity usage while maintaining the perfect towel-warming temperature. Unlike traditional timers, the touch pad grants you the power to activate a full heating cycle whenever you desire, ensuring ultimate warmth whenever you need it.

Luxurious Comfort for Every Moment

Picture the sheer delight of wrapping yourself in a luxuriously warm towel after your bath or shower. With the Studio 1 Ladder, this comfort is at your fingertips. 

Elevate Your Bathroom, Elevate Your Lifestyle

Upgrade your bathroom's ambience and functionality with the Heirloom Studio 1 Heated Towel Ladder.


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