Heirloom Compact Shower Seat Folding with Legs

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  • 360mm x 360mm

  • Anti-slip surface

  • Drainage hole

  • Load tested to 350kg (determined by the strength of the structure and the use of suitable screws)

  • Fixing screws not included


Features & Benefits

Discover the Heirloom Compact Shower Seat, an exceptional addition to your bathroom that prioritises comfort and safety for all. Whether you're looking to enhance your own shower or create a safer environment for an elderly family member, this shower seat is designed with you in mind.

Unparalleled Stability

The Heirloom Compact Shower Seat is built with sturdy legs, providing unwavering stability for a confident shower experience. Say goodbye to balancing acts and hello to a secure and relaxing bathing ritual.

Anti-Slip Surface and Drainage Hole

With an anti-slip surface and a built-in drainage hole, this shower seat ensures safety is never compromised. Minimise the risk of accidents and keep water from accumulating, allowing for comfortable and worry-free showers.

Tailored Comfort

Heirloom shower seats offer personalised comfort and stability. Whether it's showering or drying off, you'll appreciate the thoughtful design.

A Touch of Extra Security

Consider pairing the Heirloom Compact Shower Seat with a reliable grab rail for an added layer of support. This combination empowers you or your loved one to shower with confidence.

Elevate functionality while embracing comfort and stability with the Heirloom Compact Shower Seat.


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