Rinnai Compact 2 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace with Traditional Black Fascia

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  • Max energy input: 9-25 MJ/h

  • Made in NZ

  • Traditional black fascia

  • Suitable for living rooms and open plan areas

  • Robust fan (may be audible in smaller rooms)

  • Push button operated


Features & Benefits

Efficient Heat Dispersal with 2-Speed Convection Fan

Stay warm and cosy during the chilly months with the powerful 2-speed convection fan of the Rinnai Compact 2 Fireplace. This advanced fan rapidly disperses heat throughout the room, ensuring uniform warmth and comfort. Experience the luxury of a consistently cosy atmosphere, even in larger spaces, thanks to the efficient heat distribution capabilities of this inbuilt gas fireplace.

Easy Installation for Seamless Upgrades

Upgrade your existing fireplace effortlessly with this fireplace. The easy installation process is hassle-free and requires minimal adjustments. Its shallow firebox design makes it an ideal fit for most existing fireplaces, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a contemporary gas fireplace without major renovations. Create a stunning and modern centrepiece in your home with minimal disruption.

Simple Operation with User-Friendly Controls

Operate your gas fireplace with ease using the convenient push-button controls. No need for complicated instructions or manuals - simply push the buttons to adjust the flame intensity and fan speed to your desired settings.

Upgrade your home with the Rinnai Compact 2 Fireplace, a combination of style, efficiency, and convenience. Experience the luxury of a versatile design, efficient heat dispersal, seamless installation, and user-friendly controls. Enquire now and take the first step toward transforming your home with this fireplace.


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